21 June, 2013

Bengkel Oh My English!

  Pada 18 Jun 2013 satu rombongan dari Astro telah mengadakan satu bengkel Oh My English bersama 120 pelajar tingkatan 1 dan 2. Mereka telah bermain permainan Bahasa Inggeris ,  mencipta pantun, tongue twisters dan banyak lagi aktiviti menarik.

11 June, 2013

Not Quite Right Video competition

In February this year, the school was invited to participate Sunway University ‘Not Quite Right’ short film competition. Three of our students namely Hamir Khan (5 Science 1), Elton John (5 Science 1) and Koshigan S/O Guvalakrisnan (4 Science 1) had made a short animation entitled ‘Great Ideas’ and sent for the competition. Under the supervision of Mdm. Salome Chin and Ms. Latifah Yusof Embun, the short animation was about how ideas are generated from ‘Bilik Termenung’. The video managed to get Top 9 Finalist and the team was called to attend the prize ceremony in Sunway University. But because of the short notice, the team did not make it for the ceremony nor win the competition. But having to be in the Top 9 Finalist with other genius filmmakers in the country, this is quite an achievement for the school.  


On the 3rd of May about 22 members of the Lions club from Yarragon, Australia came to pay our school a visit. We presented the Sumazau dance and the school drama team presented their drama. Jeremy the president of our school's Leo Club gave the welcoming speech to the Lions group. The lions also gave several books and also pictures to the school. Overall it was an enjoyable visit.