10 May, 2012

Divisional Level English Drama Competition 2012

Last Tuesday, 8 May 2012, the English Drama team had participated the West Divisional Level English Drama Competition which was held at SMK Datuk Peter Mojuntin. The team was accompanied by Mdm. Salome Chin and Mdm. Jelsie Lidwin. A total of 3 schools had participated the competition as there was no show from Ranau district and SMK Bahang was the fourth team to perform their drama entitled 'Autumn' with the theme of 'Teen Suicide'.

The results are as followed - The 2nd Runner up went to SMK St John, representative team from Tuaran, 1st Runner up went to SMK Bahang, representative team from Penampang and the champion went to SM La Salle, representative team from Kota Kinabalu with their drama entitled 'Game of Fate'. The best performer also won by SM La Salle with the character of Young Dhanny.

The Drama team members are :-

1 VeronitaVerus Teo - 6 Atas 1
2 Sheva Suhaimi James - 5 Sains 1
3 Gladys Avery James Logijin - 5 Sains 1
4 Desmond Oliver Moiji - 5 Sains 1
5 Jayrin Jahimin - 5 Sains 1
6 Charlotte Andrea Kanduring - 5 Sains 1
7 Renee Debra Leonard - 5 Sains 2
8 Jason Peter H. Madani - 5 Sains 2
9 Jeremy Joseph - 4 Sains 1
10 Jacquelina Jumper - 4 Sains 2
11 Hirmalin Binti Darno - 4 Sains 2
12 Koshigan S/O Guvalakrisnan - 3 Wawasan
13 Samantha Teresa Telado Degullacion - 3 Wawasan

The team would like to thank all the teachers and students who had helped them through this preparation of the competition, especially Miss Latifah Yusof Embun, Mdm. Annie and Mdm. Lyndiana. Also to Mdm. Elizabeth, Mdm. Stephanie and Mdm. Elisyanti who came to give their moral support to the team. And lastly to the principal for her continuous support to the drama team.

Thank you.

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